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Jensen Pump Stations
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Jensen Precast has a dedicated pump station division that provides engineering services for all of your design needs.

We employ a staff of licensed professional engineers and project managers who help our customers design unique solutions for any application. Our design team follows a project from start to finish. The project manager who assists the engineer with the design is the same person who works with the contractor during construction and start-up. Because our team has spent countless hours in the field constructing what we design, we are able to deliver a product that is dependable and easy to construct.

The key to designing a reliable pump station is understanding how all of the systems components operate together. Not every pump will work in every application. We consistently meet our customers needs because we understand how to customize our systems to each application.

Jensen Pump Stations provides the highest quality pump station solutions to meet any municipal, commercial, industrial, or residential application. We achieve this level of quality by partnering with the very best manufacturers in the industry. These partnerships give our customers the confidence that we can find the solution to any issue that may arise.

Jensen Pump Stations

Jensen Water Resources

Jensen Water Resources is comprised of three specialized teams: Jensen Pump Stations, Jensen Stormwater Systems, and Jensen Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems.

The Jensen Pump Stations team provides high-quality pump stations for municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The Jensen Stormwater Solutions team provides products and systems for a diversity of stormwater best management practice applications.
Jensen Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems creates advanced treatment systems for removing pollutants from wastewater.