Buttonwillow Lift Station

Buttonwillow Lift Station

Package Sewer Submersible Lift Station

This lift station was put in place to pump to the newly installed prepackaged wastewater treatment plant.  It serves as the maduraplate-liner-wet-well-interiorin lift station for the entire town of Buttonwillow, CA.  Everything from town flows into this station to be treated by the wastewater treatment plant.
Jensen Engineered Systems supplied all the structural, mechanical, electrical, communications, and construction for this complete turn-key submersible lift station.  The wet well is constructed out of a 96” diameter manhole material.  The wet well is lined with A-Lok Duraplate lining system that was cast into our manhole during the pouring process. The entire lift station was installed by Jensen Engineered Systems.  The heart of a lift station is always the pumps.  In this particular project, two Homa Pumps were installed.  These pumps are constructed of the highest grade material and have a long proven history.   The pumps were 10.5 HP with a 4” discharge that can pass a 3” spherical solid.  The pumps were equipped with seal failure, heat sensors, and a NEMA Class 1 Division 1 rating.  The pumps are sized for a duty point of roughly 220 gallons a minute against approximately 55 ft of static head and 60 ft of total dynamic head.  The control panel for the lift station featured a dead-front design to make things easier on the maintenance workers.  This control panel also incorporated the Flowstation 110 pump controller, which has a built-in user-friendly configuration interface.  The interface can be set up locally by field technicians or remotely through the GPRS cellular modem.  This system helps any technician make changes without being a control system integrator.submersible-pump

The valve vault was pre-assembled at our facility prior to delivery.  The piping was stubbed out of the precast concrete vault by approximately 2’ on either end.  The precast concrete structure was a 6’x6’x4’ deep box with a galvanized hatch.  The valve vault had 2 flow meters, 2 check valves, 2 plug valves, and 2 air release valves within the structure.  Each flow meter controller was mounted adjacent to the valve vault.

The start-up & training went smoothly with no problems.  The lift station was then tested to ensure that everything worked as planned.  During the construction of the lift station the engineer of record changed the configuration of the lift station.  He only wanted one pump to run at a time and never have two pumps running.  Jensen Precast was able to change and accommodate the request even though everything was already constructed.  This is one of the benefits of have a pump controller in your control panel.


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