Case Study: Stormwater Pretreatment

Case Study: Stormwater Pretreatment2019-04-04T16:29:46+00:00

Los Cerritos Channel Sub-Basin 4 Stormwater Capture Facility

Long Beach Airport, California, May 2018

Dry weather runoff and first flush stormwater flows pollute a Southern California watershed. Affected cities collaborate on a comprehensive stormwater management solution provided by Jensen Stormwater Systems.

Start to Finish: 90-Second Time Lapse

Watch the largest hydrodynamic deflection separator in America installed at Long Beach Airport in Southern California.

Ask an Engineer


Jensen Stormwater Systems Division Engineer, Walt Stein P.E., discusses the answer to a commonly asked Stormwater Treatment Device question.

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The Jensen Pump Stations team provides high-quality pump stations for municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The Jensen Stormwater Solutions team provides products and systems for a diversity of stormwater best management practice applications.
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