Highway 50 Lift Station

Highway 50 Lift Station

The Highway 50 Lift Station acts as the last line of defense for the entvalve-assemblyire city of Fernley, NV. The lift station was designed as a triplex lift station with each pump capable of handling the incomingflow, and the ability to deal with future development. The pumps are specifically sized for 1850 gpm with 95 ft of total dynamic head. The wet well is constructed of 120” diameter manhole material lined with T-Lock PVC lining system. The welding of the joints was completed by one of Jensen Precast’s certified T-Lock welders. The wet well is approximately 27 ft deep, and the bottom was constructed with a chamfered basin to reduce the amount of solids build-up.

There are two vaults on this lift station. The first is the valve vault (10.5ft x 16 ft x 8 ft deep), which consists of three 10” discharge pipes converging into one. Each line has a lever and weight check valve, as well as a plug valve. The flow metering vault (8ft x 18 ft x 8 ft deep) has a bypass line, multiple plug valves, and an electromagnetic flow meter. The valve vault and the flow metering vault were pre-assembled at Jensen Precast’s Sparks manufacturing facility.


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