Diverse Stormwater Solutions

A Complete Range…

We engineer and manufacture a complete range stormwater products, each designed to satisfy a specific application or achieve a regulatory requirement.

of Flexible Systems and Assistance.

Our pretreatment, detention, bio-retention, infiltration, rainwater harvesting and water quality systems are flexible. They can be deployed as stand-alone solutions or assembled as parts of a management solution into treatment trains for achieving high effluent water quality.

Jensen Stormwater Systems’ experienced team provides the following assistance and support materials to meet even the most stringent project requirements:

  • project designs
  • hydrology, hydraulics
  • plans, drawings, and specifications
  • installation guides, operations and maintenance manuals

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Water Quality Treatment

Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS)

JDS – Inline Option

Hydrodynamic Separation

(Suspended Solids, Sediment, Gross Solids, Debris, Grease and Oil)

  • Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS)
  • Jensen Vertical Flow Clarifier (VFC)


(Suspended Solids, Dissolved Heavy Metals, Nutrients, & Bacteria)

Upflow Cartridge Filters in Manhole

Upflow Filters in Manhole

  • Upflow Filter Cartridge Systems deployed in manholes & vaults for larger flows, or in drop and curb Inlets for small sites
  • Filtering systems to kill bacteria and pathogens no residual toxicity
  • Down or horizontal flow configurations: manholes and vaults; drop and curb inlets
  • Trench/Gutter Drain Filters
  • Catch Basin Inserts (coarse screening or fine filtration)
  • Sand Filters

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Removal

Coalescing Separator


(Advanced Oil/Water and Sand/Oil Separation)

  • Jensen Coalescing Media Separator (JCMS)
  • Jensen Coalescing Plate Separator (JCPS)
  • Oil/Water Separator (API design)


Stormvault Illustration


(Suspended Solids, Sediment, Debris, Grease and Oil)

  • StormVault® (SV)
  • Jensen Precast High Velocity Interceptor (JPHV)
  • Sand/Oil Separators
Learn More About Jensen’s Water Quality Treatment Systems

Volume Control

Jensen Detention Reservoir - Type 1 Reinforced Box Culvert

JDR System Units

Detention and Infiltration

  • Jensen Detention Reservoir (JDR)
  • Holding Tanks and Manholes
  • Concrete Arch
  • LID Infiltration Shafting (Vertical Drywell Infiltration)
Learn More About Jensen Stormwater’s Detention and Infiltration Systems

Low-Impact Development (LID)

Bio-Retention and Bio-Infiltration

  • Bio-Retention and Bio-Infiltration Planters and Tree Boxes
  • Perforated PaversPerforated Paver drawings

Water Quality Flow Diversion & High Flow Bypass

Stainless Steel and Marine Grade AL Adjustable Weirs

Diversion Structure with precast wier

Diversion Structure with Precast Weir

  • Jensen Diverter Manholes (JD-MH) (Precast weirs available)
  • Jensen Diversion Vaults with Precast Weirs (JD-V)

Flow Control – Delayed Release

Down-Size Retention and Infiltration Storage Volume

  • Outlet Flow Control Structures
  • Vortexing Valves: large discharge orifice, yet low discharge rates
  • Constant Discharge Valves: constant discharge rate under variable head

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)

Pre-treatment, Cistern, Polishing and Disinfection, Pumping



  • Jensen Rainwater Harvesting Wet Well
  • Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns in vaults, battery tanks, tanks, and manholes
  • Complete Pump Station design and control integration

Spill Control

Spill Prevention Control Countermeasures Plan Products

Holding Tanks

Holding Tanks

  • Holding Vaults and Tanks
  • Fuel Oil Stop/Isolation Valves and Oil Sorbent Mats

Industrial General Permit

Oil on wet roadway

PAH Stormwater

Treatment train designs for targeting specific water quality constituents:

  • TSS
  • Oil/Grease (Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons [PAH])
  • pH
  • Metals

Eliminate exceeding Annual and Instantaneous Numerical Action Limits (NALs).

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