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Stormwater Management Products

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Jensen Detention Reservoir - Type 1 Reinforced Box Culvert

JDR System Units

Learn More About Our Detention and Infiltration Systems

Click any link to learn about specific water quality treatment solutions.

Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS)

JDS – Inline Option

Hydrodynamic Separation (Solids & Fines, Suspended Solids, Grease and Oil)

Filtration (Suspended Solids, Dissolved Heavy Metals, Nutrients, & Bacteria)

Upflow Cartridge Filters in Manhole

Upflow Filters in Manhole

Sedimentation (Solids & Fines, Suspended Solids, Grease and Oil)

Stormvault Illustration


  • StormVault® (SV)
  • Jensen Precast High Velocity Interceptor (JPHV)
  • Sand/Oil Separators

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Removal (Advanced Oil/Water & Sand/Oil Separation)

Coalescing Separator


  • Jensen Coalescing Media Separator (JCMS)
  • Jensen Coalescing Plate Separator (JCPS)
  • Oil/Water Separator (API design)

Learn More About Our Water Quality Treatment Systems
  • Bio-Retention and Bio-Infiltration Planters and Tree Boxes

  • Perforated PaversPerforated Paver drawings

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Diversion Structure with precast wier

Diversion Structure with Precast Weir

Stainless Steel and Marine Grade Al Adjustable Weirs

  • Jensen Diverter Manholes (JD-MH) (Precast weirs available)
  • Jensen Diversion Vaults with Precast Weirs (JD-V)

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Down-size retention and infiltration storage volume with flow control – delayed release products.

  • Outlet Flow Control Structures
  • Vortexing Valves: large discharge orifice, yet low discharge rates
  • Constant Discharge Valves: constant discharge rate under variable head

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  • Jensen Rainwater Harvesting Wet Well
  • Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns in vaults, battery tanks, tanks, and manholes
  • Complete Pump Station design and control integration

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Holding Tanks

Holding Tanks

Spill prevention and control countermeasure plan products

  • Holding Vaults and Tanks
  • Fuel Oil Stop/Isolation Valves and Oil Sorbent Mats

See the water quality treatment tab for total petroleum hydrocarbon removal products.

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Oil on wet roadway

PAH Stormwater

Treatment train designs for targeting specific water quality constituents:

  • TSS
  • Oil/Grease (Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons [PAH])
  • pH
  • Metals

Eliminate exceeding Annual and Instantaneous Numerical Action Limits (NALs).

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Why Choose Jensen Stormwater Systems?

Professional engineers and project managers will assist with all aspects of stormwater project design and implementation.

Large Manhole Base Being Set in Ground

Field Installation Assistance

  • Concept
  • Hydrology
  • Hydraulics
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Drawings
  • Specifications and Regulatory
  • Manufacture
  • Logistics
  • Delivery
  • Install
  • Operational support.

Save time and money with our complimentary service.

Streamline installation and avoid delays related to sizing or connection mistakes in the field.

Extensive options allow Jensen Stormwater Systems to create systems to meet any hydromodification or volume control requirement AND configure your required storage volume within a specific project footprint.

Holding Tanks

Holding Tank Battery System

Jensen Infiltration Unit Install

Infiltration Unit Installation

  • With one of the industry’s widest ranges of volumes and depths, we don’t restrict customers to limited options.


  • Extensive precast geometry selections are coupled with an ability to link units together as battery systems or as treatment trains.



Jensen Precast has been manufacturing precast tanks and infrastructure components for over 40 years.

With a decades-long track-record of effective function, our precast concrete designs have made Jensen Precast a name engineers trust.

Unlike many competitors, who must source concrete or less substantial components, we design our stormwater systems with our own vetted, durable, precast products.

VertiSet Joint Between Culvert Sections

Patented Vertiset joint streamlines installation of reinforced box culvert sections.

Upflow Filters in Manhole Configuration

Upflow Filtration System in Precast Manhole Section

  • Designing and manufacturing our own systems allows us to design and test systems for a perfect fit.
  • Some system components come pre-assembled from the plant.
  • Our delivery boom trucks will haul and set our heavy duty concrete components into a prepared site.



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Jensen Water Resources

Jensen Water Resources is comprised of three specialized teams: Jensen Pump Stations, Jensen Stormwater Systems, and Jensen Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems.

The Jensen Pump Stations team provides high-quality pump stations for municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The Jensen Stormwater Solutions team provides products and systems for a diversity of stormwater best management practice applications.
Jensen Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems creates advanced treatment systems for removing pollutants from wastewater.