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Design Services

The Jensen Water Resources team has extensive experience in providing custom tailored designs that accommodate the specific needs of our customers unique projects.

We employ a staff of licensed Professional Engineers, project managers, and draftsmen. Our team’s diversity allows Jensen Water Resources to quickly provide the necessary engineering details and cost estimates required by our customers.

Design can come easily once you understand all of the variables and equations, especially if it’s something you work on each and every day. At Jensen Water Resources that is exactly what we do, which is why we can save you time and money. We design a variety of systems that incorporate multiple products every day, SAVING YOU TIME. In addition, our designs are completed at no cost, SAVING YOU MONEY.

Our team has spent countless hours in the field with the systems we design. The result is a seamless transition throughout the various project phases, and a finished product which is buildable and operates as designed.

Bid Services

Jensen Water Resources has a team of project managers ready to help you bid your project today. Our systems will meet and exceed any specification.

Is your bid due in a couple of hours? We have all been in the situation where the owner, engineer, or agency wants a bid yesterday. At Jensen Water Resources, we can provide quotes quickly and accurately. This is because we work on these types of projects everyday and understand the costs that go into our systems.

Design Build Services

Jensen Water Resources regularly works with design build contractors to provide pump station and stormwater system designs that fit our customers’ unique project needs.  With our experience and free design services, Jensen Water Resources is able to supply a complete package that is economical as well as construtable.  Since we have designed, manufactured, constructed, and assembled every one of our products, we understand the nuances of the systems we supply.  We also understand that in a design build project things can change rapidly and we have the ability to adapt quickly to those changes.

Field Services

(Pump Stations)

Jensen Pump Stations can provide you with knowledgeable technicians to help manage the installation of the pump station components during construction. This provides you, the customer, with the peace of mind that the project will be a success.

Pump Station Commissioning

Even if you decide not to utilize our construction management services, our technicians are available by phone to coordinate with the onsite contractor and electrician to ensure that all system components are installed correctly.

After the pump station has been constructed, Jensen Pump Stations sends a certified technician to the job site to verify that all components have been installed correctly. Our technicians also verify that the pumping equipment and electrical control system are operating correctly.

All electrical testing is performed in accordance to NFPA 70E guidelines.
Our technicians utilize personal protection equipment that is designed to protect against Arc Flash and Electrical Shock hazards per NFPA 70E.
Following successful system start-up, our technicians are available to provide system training for the end user. Our training covers:

  • Equipment overview and nomenclature
  • Typical operating procedures
  • Maintenance schedules and procedures
  • Overview of O&M Manuals provided at training
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Jensen Water Resources

Jensen Water Resources is comprised of three specialized teams: Jensen Pump Stations, Jensen Stormwater Systems, and Jensen Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems.

The Jensen Pump Stations team provides high-quality pump stations for municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The Jensen Stormwater Solutions team provides products and systems for a diversity of stormwater best management practice applications.
Jensen Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems creates advanced treatment systems for removing pollutants from wastewater.