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Unless otherwise noted in the quotation, the following disclaimers, provisions, and exclusions apply:


  1. This offer to sell is based on customer buying this complete bill of materials. Prices will not be honored for individual line items if attempted to purchase separately.
  2. This quotation is based on the information provided to us when the request for quotation and bid date were received in our office. Jensen Precast reserves the right to change our quotation should additional information be provided subsequent to the quotation date.
  3. Jensen Precast has not confirmed that the specifications by the engineer of record conform to any local or national designs codes or guidelines. Jensen Precast provides no guarantee that the equipment specified by the engineer of record and supplied by Jensen Precast was designed and specified correctly.
  4. Jensen Precast is not the engineer of record for the pump station(s) quoted, and this offer to sell does not include any engineering services such as site or mechanical plans stamped by a professional engineer.
  5. Sales tax has not been estimated or included with this quotation. Customer is responsible to determine and pay all associated sales tax.
  6. Cash customers are required to prepay in full if ordering a non-standard Jensen Precast product before we will begin production. Any order over $1,000.00, customer will submit pre lien information to Jensen Precast prior to processing an order.
  7. Jensen Precast reserves the right to adjust this quote based on approved submittals prior to production.

Services Provided

  1. Complete submittal package includes:
    • Scope of supply which details all material to be provided.
    • Description of warranty and its limitations.
    • Mechanical drawings depicting piping arrangements.
    • Structural drawings for precast concrete structures.
    • Wiring diagrams for control panel.
    • Supporting technical data for wet well accessories, valve vault accessories, pumps and pump accessories, valves and fittings, and level detection.
    • Re-submittal documents as needed, at no additional cost to the customer.
    • SCADA system integration.
  2. Production and procurement of all pump station material as quoted.
  3. Unless noted otherwise in the quotation, pre-assembly of the valve-vault is included.
  4. Delivery of all material to the project site, time and date as directed by the customer.
  5. Start up, testing, and training services (1-2 consecutive days) by an authorized Jensen Precast representative.


  1. Lead times are provided for excellent customer service. Customer agrees to hold Jensen Precast free of liability in the event a Jensen Precast vendor does not deliver their material within their quoted lead times.
  2. Unless noted otherwise in the quotation, the following materials are NOT provided by Jensen Precast (all material available for quotation upon request):
    • Concrete liners and coatings.
    • 401 epoxy lining for all ductile iron pipe and fittings.
    • Material conforming to the Buy America Act.
    • Support or mounting structure for control panel and associated hardware.
    • Any and all electrical conduit between electrical equipment and control panel.
    • Electrical junction boxes that may be needed between supplied electrical equipment and control panel.
  3. Standard cable lengths for pumps and level detection wires are 30’. Longer cables are available upon request.
  4. Standard material for all piping, valves, and fittings greater than or equal to 3” inside diameter is ductile iron pipe. Standard inner lining is concrete.
  5. To provide the highest quality systems, Jensen Precast will only supply the following material for our packaged pump stations (any substitutions will void the one year, full system warranty):
    • Pressure transducers for primary level detection.
    • When available power is single phase, variable frequency drives will be used to convert to three phase.
    • Explosion proof equipment inside of wet well for all sewage applications.
    • Either a grinder pump or 3” solids handling pump for all sewage applications.


  1. Precautionary note: extremely heavy product, setting and handling limitations are critical.
  2. Access must be acceptable to Jensen Precast for deliveries on 45′ flatbed trailers.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, Jensen Precast does not provide setting or off-loading services during delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide off-loading equipment and services.
  4. Date of delivery.
    • Upon providing approved submittals to Jensen Precast, customer agrees to provide a notice to proceed that will indicate desired delivery date.
    • Unless otherwise noted in the quotation, Jensen Precast requires a minimum of six weeks to produce and procure all equipment after receiving the notice to proceed from the customer.


  1. Jensen Precast will not begin production or procurement of pump station(s) package until approved submittals have been provided by the customer.
  2. Prior to production, customer to verify the following information on the individual structure drawings provided by Jensen Precast:
    1. Rim and floor elevations on all structures.
    2. Core hole locations.
    3. Inlet and outlet pipe size and material.
  3. In the event that the control panel is to be located further than 30’ from pumps (including vertical and horizontal distances):
    • Customer must notify Jensen Precast of situation prior to production or procurement of pump station(s).
    • Either longer electrical cables or a junction box will be required.
    • Power loss in electrical cables due to runs greater than 30’ may prevent pumps from running and should be accounted for by the electrical engineer of record.
  4. Please note, on all Jensen Precast pump stations, both a mechanical and concrete production drawing are provided. All construction elevations and concrete dimensions should be based on the concrete production drawing and NOT the mechanical drawing.
  5. Unless noted otherwise in the quotation, the following services are NOT provided by Jensen Precast:
    • Excavation, shoring, de-watering, or back filling.
    • Off-loading and setting of concrete material.
    • Coring and sealing for inlet piping into wet well.
    • Installation and assembly of pump base elbows, guide rails, force main discharge piping, and drain piping between valve vault and wet well.
    • Construction of control panel support structure or mounting of control panel on support structure.
    • Installation of level detection equipment or associated mounting bracket in wet well.
    • Connecting electrical leads of pump and level detection systems to the control panel.

Commissioning (Start-Up)

  1. If commissioning services are to be provided, customer is responsible for notifying Jensen Precast 2 weeks prior to day of commissioning.
  2. Prior to scheduling commissioning services, customer is required to complete and return the pre-commissioning check list provided by Jensen Precast.
    • All items on the pre-commissioning check list must be verified by the customer to have been completed.
  3. Customer is responsible to provide an acceptable potable water source to fill the wet well a minimum of 2 times during day of commissioning.
    • An acceptable water source is a water truck or fire hose connection w/ hose.
    • A garden hose is not an acceptable water source.
    • Customer agrees to compensate Jensen Precast (at an hourly rate of $150 / hour plus lodging and food) for any additional time consumed due to an inadequate water source.
  4. Customer is required to provide lifting equipment to extract pumps from the wet well on day of commissioning.
  5. The wet well and all inlet piping as well as all discharge piping must be free of debris prior to day of commissioning.
  6. A separate main disconnect panel must be provided by the customer that is located prior to the control panel supplied by Jensen Precast. Main disconnect panel must have lock out/tag out functionality.
  7. If a Jensen Precast representative determines during the day of commissioning that any of the items mentioned herein or on the pre-commission checklist have not be completed, and the representative must return at a later date, the customer agrees to compensate Jensen Precast for the return visit. Additional compensation amount will include:
    • Any required lodging, or travel expenses (at current market value).
    • Service time at hourly rates of $75 / hour for each hour of travel to and from job site, and $150 / hour for each hour of commissioning services.
  8. Upon completion of pump station commissioning, all maintenance, trouble shooting, and installation of any replacement equipment is the responsibility of the end user.
  9. Jensen Precast does not provide an analysis of the complete electrical system to determine what the classification of the control panel should be under NFPA 70E. Such an analysis is required to be provided by the end user to be compliant with NFPA 70E.
  10. If equipment has been exposed to sewage prior to pump station commissioning, customer is responsible for handling all equipment during day of commissioning as directed by the Jensen Precast representative.


  1. Unless otherwise noted, pump station training is to be provided the same day as pump station commissioning.
  2. If a separate training session is requested that does not coincide with the pump station commissioning, customer agrees that this work falls outside of the original contract scope, and customer will request a separate quotation for these services. These additional services can either be provided in person, or online.


  1. Jensen Precast provides a one year, full system warranty that all components and materials supplied by Jensen Precast for the packaged pump station(s) will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service.
  2. The warranty period ends either 12 months after the day of commissioning or 18 months after delivery of wet well, whichever comes first.
  3. The obligation of Jensen Precast under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing any defective part.
  4. Immediately following commissioning services by an authorized Jensen Precast representative, it becomes the responsibility of either the end user, or the end users representative, to provide all maintenance, servicing, and trouble shooting for the pump station(s).
  5. This offer to sell by Jensen Precast does not include trouble shooting services to identify failed parts or equipment that may or may not be covered under warranty.
  6. Warranty Claims.
    • Must be made within 21 business days of equipment failure.
    • Customer must complete the, “EQUIPMENT-INCIDENT REPORT FORM” that will be supplied in the submittal documents for each independent warranty claim.
    • Pictures of failed equipment must be provided for all warranty claims.
    • All claims must be made directly to the pump station department of Jensen Precast, Jensen Pump Stations:
  7. Warranty claims do not reset the warranty or extend the warranty end date.
  8. Warranty is voided when:
    • Components are damaged during installation.
    • Equipment is not installed in compliance with manufacturer’s installation instructions or recommendations.
    • Introduction of water to sealed electrical equipment. Introduction includes, but is not limited to:
      • Improperly sealed electrical conduits.
      • Electrical enclosure improperly closed and sealed.
    • If the pump station start-up occurs prior too, or without, an authorized Jensen Precast representative being present to provide commissioning services.
    • If any components supplied by Jensen Precast are altered without the knowledge or consent of Jensen Precast.


  1. Jensen Precast general terms and conditions apply. To view the terms and conditions, please visit the Jensen Precast website @ Jensenprecast.com
  2. For further information concerning Jensen Pump Stations, please visit our website at JensenPumps.com
  3. Thank you for allowing us to provide you with this quotation. We look forward to working with you on this project.

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